TTfone Original In Car Charger for TTfone Big Button Easy to use mobile phones

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Keep your mobile fully charged at all times during long journeys quickly and efficiently with the TTfone premium car charger. The charger has an intelligent IC chip that recognises a full battery which enables the charger to automatically stop charging once the battery is full. Simply plug the charger into your cigarette lighter and wait whilst your TTfone charges.

- Quick and easy installation by simply using the car cigarette lighter
- Intelligent IC chip which recognises a full battery and ceases to charge once the battery is full
- Short circuit and overload protection
- Charge your device whilst in use

- Input voltage: DC12-24V
- Output voltage: 5.0 +/- 5%
- 1000Mah Max up to 1200Mah

Compatible Models - TTfone

  •  TTfone Comet TT100
  •  TTfone Mercury 2 TT200
  •  TTfone Star TT300
  •  TTfone Nova TT650
  •  TTfone Lunar TT750
  •  TTfone Jupiter 2 TT850
  •  TTfone Titan TT950
  •  TTfone TT20
  •  TTfone TT240
  •  TTfone TT110
  •  TTfoneTT120
  •  TT130
  •  TTfoneTT140
  •  TTfone TT160
  •  TTfone TT190
  •  TTfone TT970

TTfone "because it's easy"

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