TTfone TT880 Easy-to-Use Big Button Mobile Phone with O2 Pay As You Go SIM, USB C Mains Charger

TTfone TT880 Easy-to-Use Big Button Mobile Phone with O2 Pay As You Go SIM, USB C Mains Charger

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TTfone TT880 Easy-to-Use, User-Friendly Mobile Phone for Seniors with Large Keypad and Emergency Button - It comes with USB C Mains Charger and O2 Pay As You Go SIM

Unlocked - simply insert your FREE O2 SIM card or any Pay As You Go or contract SIM, (except the Three, ID and Smarty network)
Please note TT880 takes a standard SIM card

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  • Effortless Typing

    TT880 features a spacious keypad with well-separated keys, ensuring easy and accurate typing. Equipped with talking keys and distinct red and green buttons for effortless call management.

  • Simple Charging Solution

    Charging your TT880 is hassle-free with the included USB type C charging cable, compatible with any PC or laptop. Additionally, you can use your existing USB type C charger plug for added convenience. If needed, a USB mains plug charger is available for separate purchase.

  • Enhanced Call Clarity

    Enjoy crystal clear conversations with the TT880's extra loud speaker, perfect for both regular calls and speakerphone functionality, providing even louder volume when needed.

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Emergency Assistance Button

The emergency call button on the TTfone TT880 is a vital feature designed to provide immediate assistance in critical situations. Here are more details about how it functions:

1. Dedicated Emergency Assistance Button: The TT880 is equipped with a prominently placed Emergency Assistance button. This dedicated button is easily accessible and instantly activates emergency services when pressed. It provides a quick and straightforward way for users to reach out for help in urgent situations.

2. Quick Response: When the Emergency Assistance button is pressed, the TT880 initiates a call to a pre-programmed emergency contact or a designated emergency hotline. This ensures that help can be swiftly summoned when needed. It's essential to set up the emergency contact in advance to ensure the phone calls the appropriate number during emergencies.

3. Peace of Mind: The presence of the Emergency Assistance button brings peace of mind to both the user and their loved ones. Seniors can feel more secure knowing that help is just a button press away, providing reassurance in case of emergencies or accidents.

4. Safety and Support: The emergency call function on the TT880 is a valuable safety net for seniors, particularly those who may have health concerns or mobility limitations. It offers an added layer of security, enabling users to quickly alert and communicate with emergency services or their designated emergency contacts.

5. User-Configurable Settings: The TT880 allows users to customise the emergency call settings according to their needs. This includes specifying the emergency contact number, such as a family member, caregiver, or emergency services. By personalising these settings, users can ensure that the right people or services are notified during emergencies.

The Emergency Assistance button on the TTfone TT880 provides a reliable and immediate means of seeking help in critical situations. Its purposeful design and quick response mechanism make it an essential feature for the safety and well-being of seniors.

  • Handy Torch Function

    Navigate dark environments with confidence using the TT880's integrated torch function. Activated by a separate switch conveniently located on the phone's exterior, this bright torch ensures that you never have to fumble in the dark to find your way or locate important items. Its simplicity and practicality make it a valuable asset in various situations, adding convenience to your daily life.

  • Large Font Display

    Comfortable to hold and navigate, the TT880 sports a 1.8-inch screen for clear visibility and intuitive operation. Speed dial and an alarm function further enhance usability, providing quick access to frequently dialed contacts and ensuring important reminders are never missed.

  • Designed with seniors in mind, the TT880 boasts large, easy-to-press buttons and talking keys, ensuring effortless navigation and dialing. With its Emergency Assistance button, help is just a press away, providing an added layer of security and safety for users.

  • Simple yet durable, this phone is built to last and withstand everyday use. Its loud call volume ensures clear communication even in noisy environments, while its standard size SIM card compatibility offers flexibility in choosing a network provider.

Are you in search of an easy-to-use, straightforward mobile phone for yourself or a loved one? At TTfone, we specialise in designing mobile phones that prioritise simplicity and functionality.

The TTfone TT880 fits perfectly within our budget-friendly mobile phone range. It includes all the aforementioned features, along with an emergency assistance button that can quickly call and text up to five pre-set phone numbers with a single press.

Unlocked and Sim-Free: Enjoy the freedom of choice with the TTfoneTT880, which comes unlocked and sim-free. Compatible with all 2G networks, including Vodafone, O2, EE, and more, this versatile phone allows you to select the network provider and plan that best suits your needs, without being tied down by restrictive contracts or commitments. Whether you're switching carriers or traveling abroad, the TT880 offers unmatched flexibility and convenience, ensuring that you can stay connected wherever life takes you.

The TTfone TT880 is unlocked, sim free and will workwith all 2G networks including: Vodafone O2 EE Virgin Giff Gaff Tesco ASDA,Asda Mobile, BT Mobile, EE, giffgaff, O2, Plusnet Mobile, Sky Mobile, TescoMobile, Unlocked, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, VOXI –

NOTE this phone will not workon 3G only networks like Three, Smarty and ID Mobile

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