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  1. TTfone Star TT300
    TTfone Star TT300
    RRP $43.74 As low as $33.33 $40.00
  2. TTfone Titan TT950
    TTfone Titan TT950
    As low as $104.15 $124.98
  3. TTfone Lunar TT750
    TTfone Lunar TT750
    RRP $62.50 As low as $41.65 $49.98
  4. TTfone Comet TT100
    TTfone Comet TT100
    RRP $27.49 As low as $20.83 $25.00
  5. TTfone Mercury 2 TT200
    TTfone Mercury 2 TT200
    RRP $31.24 As low as $22.90 $27.48
  6. TTsims TT140 Mobile Phone
    TTsims TT140 Mobile Phone
    RRP $27.48 As low as $19.79 $23.75
  7. TTsims TT120 Dual SIM Mobile Phone
    TTsims TT120 Dual SIM Mobile Phone
    RRP $16.24 As low as $12.49 $14.99
  8. TTfone Nova TT650
    TTfone Nova TT650
    RRP $46.24 As low as $36.45 $43.74
  9. TTsims TT130 Dual SIM Mobile Phone
    TTsims TT130 Dual SIM Mobile Phone
    RRP $17.50 As low as $13.53 $16.24

Elderly Mobile Phones

Stay in touch with loved ones with an easy to use mobile phone for the elderly and disabled

In today’s time, the market is flooded with a variety of mobile phones that have excellent features to match your needs. These new gadgets are not only sleek and stylish but integrate the latest technologies so that the users are happy with their selection. These phones are highly admired by youngsters because they are techno savvy and get familiar with the functions in no time. The same is not possible with the elderly and therefore they look for mobile phones which have simple functions that are easy to understand. Keeping in mind the needs of the elders, TTfone has come up with a huge range of elderly mobile phone that is impressive and budgeted too.

TTfone simply believes in the concept “because it’s easy” and they strictly follow it. This is the reason that it has become a popular name among the people.

Simple and easy to use

The Basic Mobile Phones of TTfone are very simple in design as well as appearance. The menus are created in a simple way so that you are able to search the different stuff without any problem. Special emphasis has been given to designing so as to provide a user friendly device to become not just for senior user but a mobile phones for disabled as well.

Bright and clear display

In order to provide a clear view, the display has been made brighter so that the user can view the menu and operate the device in an easy way. The buttons are large enough so that dialing becomes easy and typing SMS messages are easier also.

SOS Emergency button

TTfone incorporate an SOS feature into each model and this helps the users to notify the family members or friends about an emergency situation. The SOS mobile is definitely the best for children and also the adults. This is a unique feature through which the people on the other end can hear whatever is happening at your end thus overcoming the emergency problem.

Keypad locking facilities

In order to keep the phone away from the reach of the kids, the keypad locking system is provided in these phones. There is a small switch on the phone which can be used to lock the keypad thus preventing the use of the phone.

These types of phones are a perfect Gift for Mum Dad and Gift for Grandad Grandma as well. As these are packed with brilliant features, therefore you can easily buy them by placing the order online. Hope the phones work extremely well.