Some frequently asked questions about our TT950 Titan flip mobile phone

Some frequently asked questions about our TT950 Titan flip mobile phone

Question: Will it take a nano sim
Answer: No, Titan TT950 takes a Micro (medium) sized sim card.
Question: Does it work with id network and 3g sim
Answer: Yes, Titan TT950 has 3G Network compatibility.

Question: Can you video call an iPad with this?
Answer: To initiate a video call, this can only be available when using the WhatsApp feature. So if you are calling someone who's using an iPad with WhatsApp installed on it that will certainly work.

Question: Can this phone make WhatsApp calls (not audio messages)? If yes, is there a notification for incoming calls?
Answer: Yes this phone, can make WhatsApp phone calls through WiFi, also outside with data, or if you don’t have data & you are pay as u go, I guess it will still do it, but you would be charged a small fee from your phone company.  

Question: Can you use Facebook messenger on this phone?
Answer: This comes with Facebook lite where you can receive the inbox messages.
Question: Is this phone compatible with hard of hearing?
Answer: Titan TT950 has a loud volume facility that is suitable for hard of hearing.

Question: Does this phone have the option for numbers pressed on the keypad to be read out loud for those with sight impairments (like previous TTfone's can)?
Answer: Hi, yes! The TT950 has the human voice keys function where it will read out the number being pressed.
Question: Are the volume buttons on the side locked when the phone is closed?
Answer: Hi, yes the volume buttons are located on the right sidebar of the phone which you can access anytime even when the flip is closed.
Question: What type of sd card does it take, and what's the maximum size you can use in it?
Answer: The Titan TT950 takes a micro SD memory card and the most compatible memory is 16GB.
Question: Does it have handsfree?
Answer: Titan TT950 has a Hands-Free facility.

Question: Can this be used on any network?
Answer: Yes, you can use any network, please note the Titan TT950 takes micro size sim card.
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