What SIM card do I need for my phone?

All mobile phones need a SIM card to connect to a phone network but all SIM cards are not the same. They come in three different sizes. You will have to choose the right one depending on your phone model. Here we will explain different types of SIM cards, which one you will most likely require, how to change a SIM card size, and generally tell you everything you need to know about SIM cards.


What is a SIM card? 

Subscriber Identity Module or SIM card enables you to connect to a mobile network so that you can receive and make calls and text messages, as well as use mobile data. These are tiny cards holding important information including your network provider and contact number. The specific identification number on each SIM card is used to relate your phone number, minutes, and other information. No matter which phone or device you have, you will need a SIM card to make it function properly.


Types of SIM cards

There are three types of SIM cards based on their sizes. 


Standard SIM card

It is the biggest SIM card of all three with a size of 25mm x 15mm. Standard SIM card is not commonly used today but it is still a compatible choice for old mobiles or less high-tech phone models with more inner space for hardware.

Micro SIM card

This SIM card is one size smaller than the standard SIM card. It is a bit smaller with a size of 12 x 15mm. The size of the chip is the same as a standard SIM card and it is only smaller around the borders. It was introduced in 2003 but today, it is not widely used because many handsets have been moved to new Nano SIM cards. 

Nano SIM card

These are the smallest SIM cards having a size of 8.8 x 12.3mm. They are the newest of all and were introduced in 2012. Nano SIM cards have nearly no frame around the chip, so it is difficult to have even smaller SIM cards in the future unless the chip itself is shortened. These SIM cards are the most widely used nowadays. If you have bought a new mobile phone, it is almost certain that you will need a nano SIM card. 


How do I know the SIM size for my phone?

Many mobile phones come with instructions informing you which SIM card size is the right fit for the device. If you can’t find it in the instructions, you can check online which SIM card suits your phone model. You will easily find information online.


Triple-cut SIM card

The latest SIM cards come in a triple-cut form. The "triple-cut" SIM card, also known as a “Universal SIM card” is a Standard, Micro, and Nano SIM card all rolled into one. The triple-cut SIM card can be punched out for the required size. It means that you can cut the right SIM card size as per your mobile phone requirement. It will make it easy for you to switch between different devices requiring different-sized SIM cards. Carefully remove the SIM card in the required size and insert it into your mobile phone’s SIM card slot.


What if I have the wrong SIM card?

If you got the wrong SIM size, you can contact your mobile network provider to request a new SIM card with your existing SIM mobile number. If it is least important to keep your existing mobile number, you can get a new SIM with a new mobile number from your nearest mobile store. In this way, you can get the right SIM size for your mobile phone. Moreover, if you want to top up your SIM or check your existing balance, directly contact your SIM network provider for assistance.

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