3G network in the UK will soon switch OFF how this will not affect TTfone mobile phones

Firstly, it's important to understand that the switching off of the 3G network will not affect your TTfone mobile phone as all our phones also run 2G which is not planned to be switched off for at least 10 years. As most of the TTfone range of phones do not have internet features the switching off of 3G will not affect the day to day use of the phone. The phones will still function as normal.

The 3G network was first launched in the UK in 2003 and was a significant improvement on the previous 2G network, enabling faster data speeds.
As technology continues to advance, it's essential to keep up with the latest trends and changes. 4G network is now capable of providing even faster data speeds than 3G. Resulting for the major UK mobile network providers decided to switch off their 3G networks to free up space for the newer and more efficient 4G and 5G networks.

 When are we expecting for 3G service to switch OFF?

 In 2021, the UK government made an agreement with mobile network operators that 3G and 2G mobile services will be phased out by 2033.
With the given time frame; see below the major Network providers' announcements.

 Vodafone Network; has confirmed to switch off the 3G network from June 2023 while the 2G network will remain in place for normal calls and messaging.

EE Network; has decided to slowly start switching off 3G throughout 2023 until early 2024, and 2G network plans to switch off perhaps a decade after.

Three Network; since this network is only compatible with Smart/Android mobile – it does not support 2G service, while its 3G network service is expected to switch off by the end of 2024. 


O2 Network; they have not yet announced their network plans on switching to 3G service.
Respectively, they may offer 3G network service perhaps in 2025 until further notice.

Other SIM network providers as suggested below; uses the above Parent Networks. 
Their 3G service will be in line with the Network announcements. 

  • BT, Plusnet, Utilitywarehouse – uses EE Network
  • Giffgaff, Sky, Tesco mobile, Virgin UK, Lyca – uses O2 Network
  • ID mobile, and Smarty – uses Three Network
  • Asda, Lebara, Talkmobile, and VOXI – uses Vodafone Network

SIM Network provider by now has contacted their user with advice on when the network loses its access to 3G service data for the internet application facility.

If you are using a Mobile that only supports 3G connectivity, you can still use the device for calls and messages by using the network 2G service; until then proactively contact your preferred Sim network provider if any concerns about the 3G service being discontinued. 

TTfone mobile phone will not be affect by this 3G switch off as all our phones run on 2G networks and some also run on 4G.

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