TT120 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

TT120 Dual SIM Mobile Phone Benefits of the TT120 Dual SIM Mobile Phone
• Quad band – Can be used worldwide
• Dual SIM – use two SIMs for the best value calls around the world
• Pocket size with easy to use features
• Excellent sound quality with loud volume & hands-free calling
• Convenient USB charger and outstanding battery life

More information about TT120 Dual SIM Mobile Phone
The TT120 is one of our best value mobile phones, packing loads of features into your pocket. A lightweight, simple mobile phone with an intuitive menu, the TT120 is great for travelling. If you don’t want to risk losing an expensive smartphone abroad, the TT120 provides calling and texting functionality and the dual SIM means you can use a local mobile network while being able to access your normal SIM, allowing for better value calls and smoother coverage.

With useful features including a camera and MP3 player, torch and alarm, combined with outstanding battery life and USB charging, the TT120 is a great little phone.

Key features and technical information for TTfoneTT120 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Talk Time: up to 5 hours
Standby Time: up to 100 hours
Dimensions 100 x 42.5 x 13.5mm
Weight (with battery) 90g
Dual Sim
SMS Text Messaging
VGA Camera
Video Recording
Torch Light Function
FM Radio
MP3 Player GSM 850/900/1800/1900 quad band
Micro SD Memory card slot (memory card not included)
1.8" TFT Colour Screen
Handsfree Speaker
Sound recorder
Ring Volume: 103.9 dB
Call Volume: 64.0 dB
Speaker Volume: 103.2 dB
32 MB (internal) up to 16GB (external storage; SD card not included)

Please note this phone does not come with a mains charger - this is sold separately
Unlocked Sim Free - Works on all networks apart from Three (3), ID and Smarty network

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TTfone "because it's easy"





Candy Bar



Front Camera


Dock Charger




Dual SIM


Lanyard Compatible


Touch Screen


Other Features

Talking Buttons


Call Volume

64.0 decibels

Speakerphone Volume

103.2 decibels

Charger Style

Micro USB

Speed Dial Keys




Alarm Clock




FM Radio


MP3 Support


Micro SD Card Slot


Keypad Backlight


Ring Volume

103.9 decibels

Predictive Text


Operating System

Not Applicable

App Store









SAR Rating

0.312 w/kg

SIM Card Size


Number of Ringtones





English French Spanish German Italian


GSM 850/900/1800/1900

Emergency Call

SOS Button


SOS Button Type


Presets for SOS Button






Colour TFT

Screen Backlight


Screen Size

1.77 inches

Screen Distinction

128*160 pixels

Contacts, SMS, Memory

Contacts in the Phone Memory


SMS Memory


Memory for Sent SMS


Internal Memory

32 MB (internal) up to 16GB (external; SD card not included)


Battery Life in Stand by Mode (up to)

100 hours

Talk Time(up to)

180 mins


Li - Ion, BL - 5C Battery 500 mAh



10 cm

Height with closed lid

Not Applicable


4.25 cm

Width with closed lid

Not Applicable


1.35 mm

Depth with closed lid

Not Applicable

Weight (with Battery)

90 g

  • Affordable

    It is simple to use and is a very handy pocket size. is the perfect phone for those who need a basic mobile phone with Bluetooth a Camera and loud volume.

  • Sturdy

    The TT120 comes with a USB charging cable in the box which can be used in any PC or Laptop. You can use any existing USB charger plug that you already have at home just simply plug in the included USB cable. You can also purchase a USB mains plug charger if you wish to.

  • Durable

    You can enjoy with a talk Time up to 5 hours and a standby up to 100 hours. It has a dimensions 100*42.5*13.5mm for a handy size. Can be easy to use for text messaging and very good handsfree speaker.

  • Simple

    The TT120 has a feature of bluetooth , 1.3MP Camera which have a screen size 1.8" TFT Colour Scree and FM Radio which you can enjoy listening and can be compatible of MP3 MP4.

  • For its price it has a huge range of features best of all being the ability to run two sim cards at the same time, meaning that you can have two SIM cards in the phone which is very useful, especially when travelling. In these cases the device can then be switched easily from one carrier to another. The Dual sim feature on TT120 also helps in saving money by allowing users to use the best or cheapest alternate network available and helps when you run out of balance.

  • Easy Menu

    The TTfone TT120 is not only one of our newest phones but is also our cheapest mobile phone. The TT120 has a rubber finish keypad for easier typing and user friendly menu which has clear icons which makes it simple to use for anyone.

  • Easy charging

    The TT120 comes with a USB charging cable in the box which can be used in any PC or Laptop. You can use any existing USB charger plug that you already have at home just simply plug in the included USB cable. You can also purchase separately a USB mains plug charger if you wish to.
  • Camera

    The TT120 has an integrated VGA camera where you can take photos and videos, never miss a moment and keep memories alive.

  • Handy phone

    Overall, this handy pocket size phone is the perfect phone for those who need a basic mobile. Even first time phone users get started easily and quick with the TT120 as the phone is designed keeping in mind simplicity.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • Loud Volume
  • Clock
  • Torch
  • Dual SIM
  • 2G

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn the phone off/on?

Power On: Press and hold the Red button for 3-5 seconds until you hear the start-up tune. Power Off: Press and hold the Red button for 3-5 seconds until the power-off animation begins.

How do I access my voicemail?

To access your voicemail from your TTfone, press and hold the 1 button until you see the call connecting. Once the call is connected, follow the prompts. (procedure for other carriers may vary).

How do I turn the volume of the ringtone up?

Go to Menu>Profiles>Normal then press Options>Settings, scroll down to Adjust Volume, then select Caller Ringtone, adjust it with Up and Down arrow keys and press Done twice.

Which languages are available for the menu?

English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

How do I turn the phone up so I can hear the person I'm talking to?

While listening to the other person speak. Use the up or down key (central navigation button) to increase or decrease volume.

How do I set the time and date?

Go to Menu> Settings> Phone Settings> Time and Date> Set Time and Date, then enter the time using the numbers in the keypad, scroll down for the date and repeat process. Press Done. In Time and Date Settings you can also choose the format of the date and the time.

The keypad is locked, how do I unlock it?

Long press the Green Key 2 until the keypad is unlocked.

Customer Reviews

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  1. BUY NOW
    Overall rating

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  2. Best cheapest phone ever.
    Overall rating
    Fantastic lightweight cheap mobile phone, does what I need it to do .. fab product for price

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    Posted on

  3. Great purchase
    Overall rating
    Great little basic phone, easy to set up, easy to use, was going to be a temporary phone until i got another smart phone but have actually changed my mind to keep using it

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    Posted on

  4. I bought this as my Samsung had locked, simply ...
    Overall rating
    I bought this as my Samsung had locked, simply as a temporary measure until I could get the Samsung unlocked. It is quite impressive in it's capabilities, but I do miss the touch screen - especially for texting! I think I will keep it in the car when Read More...

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    Posted on

  5. Useful back up/emergency
    Overall rating
    Easy to use, used by my teenage son while his got repaired . Also probably useful for philanderers as very small so easy to hide if that's your thing

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    Posted on

  6. Cheap but good
    Overall rating

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  7. Good phone, especially for the price.
    Overall rating
    My grandpa loves this phone. He uses it everyday. Pretty good battery life too.

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  8. Almost feels like a toy
    Overall rating
    It’s a cheap phone that does what it’s meant to, albeit with lesser quality. It looks and feels like a toy phone, but if you are looking for a dual sim cheap phone that you only really use as a phone then it’s fine

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    Posted on

  9. Good little phone
    Overall rating
    Worked very well. Just wanted a phone for my son to use on his trip over to uk from Australia it worked well and

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