TTfone TT970 4G Senior Mobile with Dock, Carry Holster Case and Car Charger (Bundle)

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The TTfone TT970 is our latest flagship Emergency assistance flip mobile phone.

The TT970 gives you and the whole family the mobile phone you need as well as the peace of mind that your loved ones are safe without the distraction and complexity of most modern devices. With its simple flip design and easy menu structure, the TT970 is a perfect phone for those who find modern devices too complicated.

4G Flip Senior Phone with Big Buttons and a Large 2.8inch internal Display - Simplified Android Operating System - Touchscreen for easy operation - Outside full-colour 1.8inch display shows a picture of the caller. Dock charging cradle included for easy charging - Voice Memo Reminders - Low battery notification and a lanyard neck strap included in the box.

TTfone TT970 runs a simplified version of the Android operating system with limited apps but a very easy menu. Use the navigation keys or the touch screen to select the app you wish to use. WhatsApp, Facebook, Photo contacts, Reminders and Messages are just a few of the available apps.

Safety is something that is of prime importance for older people. The TTfone TT970 comes with a feature that will give real peace of mind to the user, as well as family members who are concerned about their well-being. This is a dedicated Emergency Assistance Button that can be used in case of an emergency. Any number can be programmed in and it just takes one press of the panic button to make that all-important call. The TT970 will also send the location of the user as a text message so not only will you know your loved one is in trouble you will also know where they are. The TT970 also can send the location of the phone to a family member without the user even pressing the Emergency Assistance Button.

In the box – Mobile Phone, Battery, User manual, USB cable, Mains Charger, Charging Dock, Quick Guide, Warranty Card, Lanyard.

Please note: To get the most out of the TTfone TT970 features, you will need a sim card that has a data plan.

Colour Black
Style Flip
Front Camera 1.3 MP
Dock Charger
Dual SIM
Lanyard Compatible
Touch Screen
Other Features
Talking Buttons
Call Volume 80.0 decibels
Speakerphone Volume 105.8 decibels
Charger Style Micro USB
Speed Dial Keys
Alarm Clock
FM Radio
MP3 Support
Micro SD Card Slot
Keypad Backlight
Ring Volume 94.1 decibels
Predictive Text
Operating System Android OS
App Store
SAR Rating 1.758 w/kg
SIM Card Size Nano sim
Number of Ringtones 97
Languages English French Spanish German Italian Arabic
Band 4G 2100/1800/2600/900/800; 3G 900/2100; 2G 900/1800
Emergency Call
SOS Button
SOS Button Type Push and will also send your current location
Presets for SOS Button 5
Type Colour TFT
Screen Backlight Yes
Screen Size 2.8 inches
Screen Distinction 240*320 pixels
Contacts, SMS, Memory
Contacts in the Phone Memory 2000
SMS Memory 100
  • TT970Flip with Dual Screen

    Much easier to fit in your pocket with its flip, folding design, say goodbye to accidental calls when the phone is in your pocket or your bag. The TT970 has a large 2.8inch LCD screen on the inside and a 1.8inch LCD screen on the outside which will display the caller before opening the flip.

  • TT970WhatsApp – WhatsApp Messaging and Calling

    The TTfone TT970 has built in WhatsApp so you can get fast, simple, secure messaging and calling for free. With a WIFI connection or 4G mobile data, WhatsApp can allow you to message friends and family, share photos and videos and even has a video calling feature.

  • TT970Photo Contacts

    Photo Contacts is a feature where you can save numbers in your phone with a photo of the person which makes it super simple to call a loved one. Simple set up process where you can either choose a picture from your gallery or take a new one using the camera and when this person calls the picture will show up on the inner and outer screens. Set your son, daughter, brother, sister or friends and with one button you can easily call them without having to remember the number.

  • TT970Extra 25db Speaker Amplifier

    The TT970 from TTfone has a loud speaker. Also, there is an amplifier function to increase the volume an extra 25 decibels with the dedicated amplifier key. This is a useful feature to make a highly suitable mobile phone for users with hearing impairments without requiring extra hearing aid devices or for those in noisy surroundings.

  • TT970Hearing Aid Compatibility

    The TT970 comes with HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility) which automatically connects to your hearing aid when making or receiving a call. The phone can reach the highest HAC standard: M4/T4 rating of the ANSI C63.19 test method.

  • TT970Voice Notes

    The TT970 incorporates a handy app called voice notes where you can use a voice file as a reminder to take your medication or go for a walk. For example, you can set your own voice to say “Hi Daddy, please take your medicine” and the phone will play this voice file when the time comes for his medicine to be taken.

  • TT970Social Media – Facebook Lite, YouTube, Email, Browser

    The TT970 also has a simplified Facebook app where you can use messenger services. YouTube and an internet browser are also there for your entertainment. We have included a dedicated app for your email so you can read and reply directly from your phone.

  • TT970Dock Charger

    The TTfone TT970 comes with a desktop charging station which makes charging the phone simple and easy. Simply place the phone into the cradle and it will charge up, remove and it will stop. No more fiddly charging cables that need to plugged into tiny ports on the phone.

  • Emergency Assistance Button

    Set up to five emergency contacts into the phone and when the Emergency Assistance Button on the back of the phone is pressed, they will each be sent an SMS text message with the location of the TTfone TT970 and the phone will then ring each number till someone picks up. A great life-saving feature that we have on all our TTfone models with the TT970 is also able to send location info to family and friends in an emergency.


  •  TT970

    4G Flip Senior Phone

    The TT970 uses 4G technology which makes features like WhatsApp Calling, email and social media more faster to use. Unlocked and working on all networks the TT970 can be used with your existing sim card or you can use a brand new one.

  • TT970

    Neck Strap Lanyard Included

    We include a lanyard neck strap in the box that can be connected to the TT970 so that it can be worn around the neck, never misplace your mobile phone again.

  • TT970

    Dual Camera - 8MP Rear Camera

    With an 8 Mega Pixel camera on the back of the phone you can take and share wonderful photos with your family and friends. The TT970 also comes with a VGA front “selfie” camera for taking pictures and for video calls.

  • TT970

    Long Battery Life

    With a 1400mAH battery the TT970 will last up to four whole days without needing a charge depending on usage.

Key Features

  • Dock Charger
  • Bluetooth
  • SOS Emergency Button
  • Clamshell Flip Design
  • Big Button
  • Camera
  • Loud Volume
  • Dual Screen
  • Clock
  • Torch
  • Touch Screen
  • Photo Contacts
  • Video Calling
  • 3G
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Lite
  • Android OS

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn the phone off/on?

Power On: Press and hold the Red button for 3-5 seconds until you hear the start-up tune. Power Off: Press and hold the Red button for 3-5 seconds until the power-off animation begins.

How do I set the time and date?

Go to Menu> Settings> Phone Settings>Time&date>Set time/ date. Enter the Time and Date using the keypad numbers and then save. Under the Time and Date Settings you can also select the format for the time and date. It also lets you set daylight saving.

Who are these phones made for?

Everyone! Anyone can benefit from our simple and functional phones. The large buttons and simple features are especially designed for small children just learning to use a phone, people with visual or motor impairments, and the elderly.

What is the SOS button on the front?

It’s a button that can be programmed to call whichever number or numbers you choose, so that everyone you want to be notified in case of emergency gets a phone call. The people on the other end of the line then can hear everything going on. It also activates a loud alarm to draw attention from bystanders so they can assist until help arrives. The SOS button will also send out emergency text messages to inform others of a problem.

Having Issue with the Sim?

The Comet takes a standard size sim card only. Use an adapter in case you have a Micro or a Nano sim. The adapter can be bought from any nearby mobile store.

The Keypad is locked, how do I unlock it?

In order to unlock the phone press and hold the greenkey for 5 seconds. To lock the phone, press and hold the same key for 5 seconds.

How do I turn the torch on?

Press and hold the “0” number button for 3-4 seconds to start the torch. Press and hold the same key to turn the torch off.

Which languages are available for the menu?

English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

Please Note:

If one of the emergency numbers has a voicemail system, the phone will assume that the call has been answered and will no longer call any more of the emergency numbers.

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