TTfone TT110 Mobile Phone with SOS Blue

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TTfone TT110 Mobile Phone with SOS Blue Benefits of the TT110 Mobile Phone with SOS Blue • Quad band – works worldwide
• Neat pocket size with blue trim and easy to use features
• Excellent call clarity with hands-free calling
• SOS emergency function
• Convenient USB charger and outstanding battery life
More information about the TT110 Mobile Phone with SOS Blue The TT110 mobile phone with SOS Blue colour is the opposite of a smartphone and that can be very useful in many ways. Such as, emergency phone that you can leave in the glove box of your car. A phone with SOS function you can give to a small child to use when they are walking home from school. And, when you accidentally broke your smartphone and need a cheap phone to get you through to pay day. The TT110 mobile phone with SOS Blue colour can also be functional when you visit a festival or party where you want to ensure your expensive smartphone will not get damaged throughout the night activities.

Safety is a prime importance for all of us. TT110 mobile comes with a feature that will give real peace of mind to the user, as well as family members who are concerned about their well-being. SOS emergency function is dedicated to use in case of an emergency. Any number can be programmed in and it just takes one press of the panic button to make that all important call.

TT110 mobile phone box comes with USB charging cable which can be used in PC or Laptop or any existing USB charger plug that you have at home just simply, plug in the included USB cable to any available charger heads. TT110 mobile phone box also contains GSM handset and User Manual that can help you understand how to navigate its easy access features.

Key features and technical information for the TT110 Mobile Phone with SOS Blue • Dimensions: 11.3*4.6*1.25cm
• Talk time: about 6 hours
• Stand by time: 4-5 days
• Weight with battery: 71g
• SMS Text Messaging
• Torch Light Function
• MP3 Player
• GSM 850/900/1800/1900
• Micro SD Memory card slot (not included)
• 1.77" Colour Screen
• Hands-free Speaker
• Alarm
• SOS Emergency Button
• Talking buttons
• Speed Dial
• 12 Ringtones

Unlocked Sim Free - Works on all networks apart from Three (3) and ID network
Please note this phone does not come with a mains charger - this is sold separately Other Recommended Mobile Phones • Comet TT100
• TTsims TT120
• TTsims TT130

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Key Features

  • Style
  • SOS Emergency Button
  • Big Button
  • Color Screen
  • Torch
  • Loud Volume
  • Clock
  • FM Radio

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn the phone off/on?

Power On: Press and hold the end key for 3-5 seconds until you hear the start-up tune. Power Off: Press and hold the end key for 3-5 seconds until the power-off animation begins.

The Keypad is locked, how do I unlock it?

In order to unlock the phone press and hold the left soft key for 5 seconds. To lock the phone, press the left soft key twice.

How do I switch off the talking buttons feature?

Go to Settings > Profiles > then scroll up or down to General and press the left soft key for Options, then select Customise, scroll down to Keypad, press the left soft key twice to edit the options and then choose either Tone, Click or Silent, and select it with the left soft key, press the left soft key for keypad again, select Save and press the left soft key.

Having Issue with the Sim?

The Comet takes a standard size sim card only. Use an adapter in case you have a Micro or a Nano sim. The adapter can be bought from any nearby mobile store.

How do I set the time and date?

Go to Menu > Settings > Phone Settings > Time&date > Set time/date. Enter the Time and Date using the keypad numbers and then save. Under the Time and Date Settings you can also select the format for the time and date.

Who are these phones made for?

Everyone! Anyone can benefit from our simple and functional phones. The large buttons and simple features are especially designed for small children just learning to use a phone, people with visual or motor impairments, and the elderly.

What is the SOS button on the front?

It’s a button that can be programmed to call whichever number or numbers you choose, so that everyone you want to be notified in case of emergency gets a phone call. The people on the other end of the line then can hear everything going on. It also activates a loud alarm to draw attention from bystanders so they can assist until help arrives. The SOS button will also send out emergency text messages to inform others of a problem. Please Note: If one of the emergency numbers has a voicemail system, the phone will assume that the call has been answered and will no longer call any more of the emergency numbers.

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