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The brand new 2019 model from TTfone is our best model yet, the TTfone Titan TT950 is a fully featured easy to use simple smart phone which is as easy as you have come to expect with TTfone models. The Titan is 3G compatible and will work in any country on any network and comes in a stylish flip design with screens on the inside and outside.

We have developed an Android operating system that is so easy and user friendly that you will find using this phone a pleasure. The simple Android menu can be navigated using the large keypad and navigation buttons or the touchscreen depending on which you prefer.

Whatsapp and Facebook lite make it the first TTfone that you can use to communicate by video calling and messenger. Photo Contacts is a feature where you can save numbers in your phone with a photo of the person which makes it super simple to call a loved one.

Loud volume with a built in speaker phone, the Titan is much louder than conventional mobile phones. Dock charging system to make it a doddle to keep the batter charged and the phone ready to use anytime.

Voice memos which you can use a reminder to take medicine or to go for a walk. Dual cameras so you can take great pictures, selfies and use video calling features.

Emergency SOS button that sends out a text to pre-set loved ones and also sends your current location

Please note: to get best use of the functions of the TT950 Titan you will require a sim card that has a data plan.

  • 3G Flip Senior Phone with Big Button and Large Display - Simplified Android Operating System - Touchscreen for easy operation
  • Whatsapp and Facebook Lite can be used for video calling and messages
  • SOS Emergency button that texts loved ones and send your real time location
  • Dock charging cradle included for easy charging - Voice Memo Reminders
  • Photo Contacts for easy speed dial - Dual display - Dual Cameras - Loud Volume - Bluetooth - Extra Long Battery Life


GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Andoid Version 8. 1
Phone Memory: 4 GB
External Memory (up to): 32 GB (memory card not included; this is sold separately)
Contacts in the Phone Memory (up to) - 2000 contacts
SMS Memory (up to) - 100 messages
Camera (Rear): 5 MP
Camera (Front): 1.3 MP
Battery Capacity: 1300mAH
Battery Life in Stand by Mode (up to) - 120 Hours
Talk Time (up to) - 180 Mins
Bluetooth - 4.0
Ringtones : 97
Ring Volume: 102.4 dB
Call Volume: 77.8 dB
Speaker Volume: 105.1 dB

Unlocked Sim Free - Works on all networks

TTfone "because it's easy"

Colour Black
Style Flip
Front Camera 1.3 MP
Dock Charger
Dual SIM
Lanyard Compatible
Touch Screen
Other Features
Talking Buttons
Call Volume 77.8 decibels
Speakerphone Volume 105.1 decibels
Charger Style Micro USB
Speed Dial Keys
Alarm Clock
FM Radio
MP3 Support
Micro SD Card Slot
Keypad Backlight
Ring Volume 102.4 decibels
Predictive Text
Operating System Android OS
App Store
SAR Rating 1.866 w/kg
SIM Card Size Micro / Medium
Number of Ringtones 97
Languages English French Spanish German Italian Arabic
Band 3G: 900/2100 2G: 850/900/1800/1900
Emergency Call
SOS Button
SOS Button Type Push and will also send your current location
Presets for SOS Button 5
Type Colour TFT
Screen Backlight Yes
Screen Size 2.8 inches
Screen Distinction 240*320 pixels
Contacts, SMS, Memory
Contacts in the Phone Memory 2000
SMS Memory 100
Memory for Sent SMS
Internal Memory 4 GB; 512MB RAM
Battery Life in Stand by Mode (up to) 120 hours
Talk Time(up to) 180 mins
Type Li-Ion, TT - B20 Battery 1300 mAh
Height 20 cm
Height with closed lid 10.8 cm
Width 5.5 cm
Width with closed lid 5.5 cm
Depth 1.2 cm
Depth with closed lid 2.0 cm
Weight (with Battery) 130 g
  • tt950 Uniquely Designed Elderly easy to Use Phone

    The Titan is the king of senior phones with its sleek design and overview. The device has an external display. This provides all important information without having to open the flip cover of the phone. Not only the name of the caller is displayed but also shows you a picture of the caller.

  • Titan Dual Screen Titan comes with a Dock Charger

    The TTfone Titan comes with a desktop charging station which makes charging the phone simple and easy. Simply place the phone into the cradle and it will charge up, remove and it will stop. No more fiddly charging cables that need to plugged into tiny ports on the phone.

  • Titan Big Buttons for clear view along with Clamshell Design

    TTfone TT950 Titan runs a simplified version of Android operating system with limited apps but a very easy menu. Use the navigation keys or the touch screen to select the app you wish to use. Whatsapp, Photo contacts, Reminders and Messages being just a few of the available app

  • tt950 Photo Contacts for easy dialing

    Photo contacts is a feature where you can save numbers in your phone with a photo of the person which makes it super simple to call a loved one. Simple set up process where you can either choose a picture from your gallery or take a new one using the camera and when this person calls The picture will show up on the inner and outer screens. Set your son, daughter, Brother, sister or friends and with one button you can easily call them without having to remember the number               

  • Safety is something that is of prime importance for older people. The TTfone Titan comes with a feature that will give real peace of mind to the user, as well as family members who are concerned about their well-being. This is a dedicated SOS number that can be used in case of an emergency. Any number can be programmed in and it just takes one press of the panic button to make that all important call. The Titan will also send the location of the user as a text message so not only will you know your loved one is in trouble you will also know where they are.

    emergency phone
  • Photo Contacts

    Set pictures to 8 contacts and use this app to easily access and call them at any time

  • 5 MP Camera

    Dual front and back cameras - the main camera is 5 Megapixels so you can take great pictures.
  • WhatsApp Messaging

    Whatsapp messaging, a great way to stay in touch with loved ones.

  • WhatsApp Calling

    Whatsapp Calling and video call is supported by the TTfone Titan.

  • Facebook lite, email and Youtube

    The Titan comes with Facebook Lite already built in. You tube ap to watch videos and and email app (email app is available from Mar20)

  • Easy Software updates

    We are always working on improving the software and with the TTfone Titan we can push these updates directly to your phone whenever they are available.

Key Features

  • Dock Charger
  • Bluetooth
  • SOS Emergency Button
  • Clamshell Flip Design
  • Big Button
  • Camera
  • Loud Volume
  • Dual Screen
  • Clock
  • Torch
  • Touch Screen
  • Photo Contacts
  • Video Calling
  • 3G
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Lite
  • Android OS

Frequently Asked Questions

Having Issue with the Sim card? Will I need a micro SD memory card as well?

The Titan takes a micro/medium size sim card only. Use an adapter in case you have a Nano sim. The adapter can be bought from any nearby mobile store. The Titan TT950 is 3G compatible and will work in any country on any network.
The micro Sd memory card is for added memory of the mobile phone. It is optional and it is sold separately. Please note that you can use a memory card for no larger than 32 GB whilst the phone has storage capacity of 2GB.

Why doesn’t the Titan have MMS?

We have not enabled MMS in Titan TT950 due to screen size and software restriction but we are always working on improving the software with the TTfone Titan and may look to add this feature in future if enough customers ask for it

Is Titan TT950 an android phone and do I need a Data plan?

Yes, the Titan TT950 has a simple Android menu that can be navigated through the large keypad or the touchscreen. However the phone will not allow to download any other APPs other than the ones on the phone already.
It is advisable to get a data plan from your network provider so you can use WhatsApp, FB lite, Youtube and even browsing the internet. Also without a data plan the SOS function cannot send your location.

Is WhatsApp pre-installed?

Yes, WhatsApp is a built-in application on the mobile phone. Simply set up the WhatsApp wizard settings and make sure you have WiFi connection or mobile data to communicate your loved ones. Whats app will ask you first to agree the terms and conditions, then will ask to verify your phone number and will send you a text message with a code. Enter this code to start using Whatsapp.

What is the SOS button on the back?

It’s a button that can be programmed to call whichever number or numbers you choose, so that everyone you want to be notified in case of emergency gets a phone call. The people on the other end of the line then can hear everything going on. It also activates a loud alarm to draw attention from bystanders so they can assist until help arrives. The SOS button will also send out emergency text messages and your current location to your pre-set loved ones. Please Note: If one of the emergency numbers has a voicemail system, the phone will assume that the call has been answered and will no longer call any more of the preset numbers.

Does this have Facebook and twitter and send and receive emails?

The TTfone Titan has a lite version of Facebook where you are able to see your feed and use the Facebook Messenger service. Currently, the Twitter app is not available. We are working on a new software version that includes an email app.

Can this phone make WhatsApp calls (not audio message) ? If yes, is there a notification for incoming calls ?

Yes, you may call using WhatsApp and likewise, you will receive the same notification as a normal call does.

My TT950 says there is a software update available, how do I update the software?

Go to APP>Wireless Update>Check for Updates>if there is an update available kindly click on download and install.

How to transfer contacts via Bluetooth facility?

1. Pair and connect the Bluetooth on both devices (TT950 and the other device) 2. Once paired, start sharing the contact through Bluetooth. 3. On your TT950, the device will notify you that there is an incoming file. 4. Pull down the status bar and select accept file. 5. Once the transfer is completed, kindly go to Settings>Bluetooth>Received Files 6. Select or press the contact file (vcf format) and a pop up box will appear on your screen saying "Import contacts from vCard?" and select ok. 7. Check your Phonebook menu and the contact/s should show.

How to update WhatsApp in TT950?

1. Go to App.
2. Select Aptiode.
3. Select Apps on the lower right of the screen.
4. Follow on screen instructions to complete WhatsApp update or installation.

Will the TT950 work on the Three network?

Yes the phone is 3G and will work on the Three network as well as all other UK networks and many around the world.

Is the caller’s name and photo displayed on the external screen?

The external display provides all important information without having to open the flip cover of the phone. Not only the name of the caller is displayed but also shows the photo of the caller if the Photo Contacts is set. Not to mention the external notification lights on the external screen which tells you if you have missed a call, received a new message (it could be WhatsApp message or text message) or the battery is close to becoming completely discharged.

When opening an app the phone says “unable to open” or “system not working”

Start by restarting the phone, hold down the red key for a few seconds then choose the option “reboot” on the screen.
If this does not solve the issue check for any available software updates. Go to APP>Wireless Update>Check for Updates>if there is an update available kindly click on download and install.
If this still does not solve the issue you will need to perform a master reset go to Settings>System>Reset Options>Factory reset>Reset Phone>Erase everything.

How can I upload contacts from my PC to TT950?

1. Connect you Titan TT950 to your PC via USB cable.
2. On your TT950, a pop box will appear and select Transfer Files. Your PC will then recognise the TT950.
3. On your PC, open the device folder named TT950, you will then see a list of folders inside.
4. Select and open the folder Contacts or if you do not have one, kindly create a new folder for your contacts.
5. From your PC, copy those contacts you want to transfer to the newly created folder under TT950.
6. Disconnect the TT950 from your PC.
7. On your TT950 mobile phone, kindly go to Tools>File Manager>Internal Shared Storage>Contacts
8. Select the contact, either touch the screen or press the middle navigation key and a pop box will appear on your screen saying "Import contacts from vCard?" and select ok.
9. Check your Phonebook menu and the contact/s should show.

Is there a Google Play store and can I install other apps?

I am sorry but the Titan TT950 does not have Google Play store. The Titan TT950 has inbuilt social apps like WhatsApp, FB (lite version), YouTube and a browser.

Can you manage the phone remotely? Without being with the phone?

This is something that we have been working on for quite some time here at TTfone, unfortunately it has proven to be very complicated and expensive to be able to update the phone remotely, please do email us your exact requirement eg what menus you would like to update exactly so that we can consider in our research for this feature. You can email us on [email protected]

Can I add a ringtone?

You can save additional music/ring tone of your choice and set it as a ringing tone to your Titan TT950.
To do this, you need to connect the Titan TT950 to a computer using a USB cable and add the music or use the Bluetooth sharing facility to receive a music file from another device. When using bluetooth, pair the two devices first and start sharing the file. Once done transferring/sharing the files, on your TT950 go to Multimedia>Music and select the music that you want to set as a ring tone, press the middle navigation key and select "set as ringtone"

Customer Reviews

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  1. Big buttons,
    Overall rating
    Easy to handle, you can use the buttons or touch screen, simple to use.

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    Posted on

  2. Great nice and easy Phone.
    Overall rating
    Just set up my Titan phone ,not only was it easy, but it's well worth the the money i paid for it. With it's easy to read screens, and the various apps it's got built in you could easily pay more money for a phone like this one. I am a 75 yr old regi Read More...

    Review by

    Posted on

  3. Well impressed
    This is the best flip phone ever ,user friendly with easy access to messenger and facebook etc ,light and compact with good volume for those with impaired hearing .Being touch screen as well as a keypad is excellent, well done TT phone .

    Review by

    Posted on

  4. Perfect for the elderly
    Overall rating
    Got this for my father as needed a flip phone with WhatsApp in order to use it with friends and family with Facebook Portal. Added bonus of photo contacts so he knows who's calling before answering.

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    Posted on

  5. Very Impressive Phone!
    Overall rating
    Really like this phone. Wanted a retro clam shell which was easy to use with the essentials, Whatsap and browser It's not an all singing and dancing phone but meets all the basic needs. Can't fault it.

    Review by

    Posted on

  6. Nice phone
    Overall rating
    I found this phone hard to see. Changing from a Wileyfox which had much clearer and larger text. The loudness is good and it is so easy to pocket and does not need a cover or case which is lovely. I have decided to use is as an emergancy phone for do Read More...

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    Posted on

  7. Not bad.
    Overall rating
    I brought this phone for it's ease of use. Unfortunately it's not idiot proof, having trouble getting the Text message contacts set up properly. It's a replacement for a smart phone which I couldn't get on with. I'll get there in the end.

    Review by

    Posted on

  8. Brill fone phone for those who dont like too much technology.
    Overall rating
    I bought this for my Son who is in his forties, but does not like smart touch phones. This has access to Whatsapp, which means I can face time him with it. He likes the large buttons, and the small amount of touch screening that he needs to access. Read More...

    Review by

    Posted on

  9. Good phone especially with the software update
    Overall rating
    I have a Galaxy a50. But I have always liked clam shell phones. This one is in my view brilliant. Facebook lite. Whats App whats not to like? Update. After I had this for two days it required an update on the software. Apart from Facebook, Whats Read More...

    Review by

    Posted on

  10. Buy it. It's a great phone.
    Overall rating
    Excellent little phone. Good quality and easy to use, My dad loves it and we can video call him now which he loves. I had to deactivate the SOS feature though as it kept going off in his pocket by accident and ringing the 5 contacts, an excellent Read More...

    Review by

    Posted on

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