What is MicroSD

What is MicroSD

MicroSD is a type of removable flash memory card used for storing information. SD is an abbreviation of Secure Digital. The cards are used in mobile phones. MicroSD cards are sold in many sizes, from 64 MB to 32 GB but don’t rush to purchase one before you check which one is compatible for your mobile device.

That’s how they usually look like.

They are available online from most sellers like in Amazon or e-Bay and cost usually from 99p up to £5 for 1GB and 8GB capacity. If you wish to store some sort of pictures, mp3 music files it is better to have one. Our TTfone mobile phones does not include any of these as our phones are mainly made for simple usage like phone calls, texting, Emergency SOS functions which do not require MicroSD cards. But if you wish to add some storage to keep your favourite music files then you can choose one of those. Please see what type and capacity of Memory Card will suit your TTfone Mobile Phone.

Please note: exceeding the amount of recommended storage capacity might cause your Mobile Device to operate  incorrectly.  

MicroSD compatible TTfone products.

  • Astro TT400                               
  • Mercury 2 TT200 
  • Venus TT700   
  • Venus-2 TT31
  • Star TT300
  • Dual-2 TT59 
  • Earth TT23 
  • Pluto TT600
  • Mars TT400 
  • Jupiter-2 TT850 
  • Saturn TT900 

Please note these models below are not compatible with any type of Memory Cards

  • Jupiter TT800
  • Neptune TT099
  • Mercury TT002