TTfone, TTsims and Teletape Limited is a member of a retail industry scheme which finances Local Authority civic waste sites, with the aim of improving facilities for segregating and storing electrical waste.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive is an initiative within Europe which aims to prevent electrical and electronic waste from being created, instead trying to encourage its reuse, recycling and recovery. This directive sets regulations for collecting, treating, recycling and recovering WEEE. Manufacturers and retailers are responsible for providing funding for these activities, and consumers are fully entitled to dispose of their electrical and electronic waste without any charge.

Waste products which are classified as WEEE feature a crossed out wheelie bin symbol with a date code or a solid black bar beneath it. These WEEE-marked products shouldn’t be mixed with general household waste, and instead should be kept separate so that the materials they contain can be treated, recovered and recycled.

If you dispose of WEEE correctly, you can help to save valuable resources and to prevent any potential negative health and environmental effects of the hazardous materials which WEEE waste might contain.

Teletape Limited is a member of a retail industry scheme that finances Local Authority civic waste sites in order to improve the facilities for segregating and storing electrical waste.
We're also a member of a manufacturer's WEEE compliance scheme, which finances the specialist recycling companies who collect the WEEE from Local Authority and other waste collection sites, disassemble it and recover the materials used.

As a member of WEEE compliance schemes, We encourage all of our customers to take any electrical or electronic item waste to their nearest Local Authority civic waste site, where the waste will be accepted for its correct recovery and recycling - completely free of charge.

Teletape Limited is registered as a producer of WEEE in the UK. Our producer registration number is WEE/EJ4521WQ.