Treat Mum A Little More With TTFone

Treat Mum A Little More With TTFone

We never thank our Mums enough for all their love and hard work and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let her know just how amazing she is. So if you’re looking for a way to make mum feel special, all the gift ideas you need are right here.

Looking for Mother’s Day gifts that are completely unique? Or a present that’ll make her smile? What about something that will make her think of you every time she sees it?It's never too early to start thinking about the perfect gift. Treat mum to a TTfone gift that adds convenience to her life.

Mother's Day ideas

Whether you're after a candy bar phone or a flip design phone, we have a range of mother's day gift ideas to suit all needs.

Treats for Mother's Day:



Gift your mum a Venus 2 that boasts great features like big buttons, Bluetooth, a flip  folding design which makes pocket dial a thing of the past, a camera and an SOS  Button.

 The Venus 2 is a great flip design that is small and easy to carry when closed and  large  and easy to use when opened.



If it's some entry level phone she is looking for, we havethe Mercury 2 an ideal mobile for the elderly, disabled or for those who just want a simple basic mobile phone.

The large keys and clear easy to read display make it the ideal phone for those with dexterity problems and the loud volume and loud ringtones make it a great phone for those with hearing issues.