Top 5 Best Selling Phones for Seniors and Elderly

Top 5 Best Selling Phones for Seniors and Elderly

Mobile phones have become essential communication tools, but the dizzying array of available options can confuse even the most enthusiastic tech lover. However, there are products that cater specifically to older people and those with hearing and vision impairments.

Today, many elderly use mobile phones, and enjoy the technology as it progresses. But, elderly have their own issues with hearing, fading eyesight, and others. Because of that, an elderly person may require different types of mobile phones, than other people.

We did some research, and found the following simple and easy to use phones available for the elderly. We hope this will help your search for a simple phone for yourself or a loved one.

TTfone Easy Phones

TTfone have created a range of big button, easy to use mobile phones. You can view their range here:


If you want to buy the cheapest easy to use phone, which is durable and also elder friendly, look no further and have a look at this cheap phone that has blown away its competitors.

The Comet phone is the one that perfectly fits the budget for all. This Candy phone though being small in size, does wonders for its users. The phone comes with exceptional features like dock charging that turns your mobile into a cordless device, FM Radio keeps you entertaining wherever you go and a lot of other features that will keep you engaged.

Moreover unlike other expensive phones, the Comet makes sure you ask for help instantly as the emergency button has been placed in the front to avoid any delays. The features on the Comet weigh more than its price and is an obvious pick for people looking for a mobile simply to call and text.

Why should I buy this phone?

Budgeted phone
Emergency button placed in front to ask for immediate help
Dock charging to avoid fiddling with cables

Mercury 2

The Mercury 2 is yet another offering from TTfone. The phone is small and easy to hold and is a pick when you want an emergency phone for your elderly relative or friend who might ask you for help at any point.

TTfone has actually taken things in the opposite direction, with features like big buttons, big screen and big volume on the Mercury 2 phone.These features on the Mercury 2 sound a bit outdated but it is a smart and innovative concept by TTfone to make calling and texting easier for the elderly.

Beautifully designed, the Mercury 2 can be a great gift for your friends and relatives as it makes your life easy.

Why should I buy this phone?

Talking buttons to know what you pressed
Speed Dial keys for one touch dialing
Speakerphone to hear loudly and clearly


The Star is a flip phone that is very easy and comfortable to hold in the hands and use. The best part about TTfone flip phones is the convenience they offer even when the screen is closed or not visible.

Opening the flip unlocks the phone and closing the flip locks it. One does not need to press multiple keys to unlock the phone on the star, unlike other phones. If you receive a call on the Star, you simply need to open the flip to answer it and you just need to close the cover to end the call.

This flip phone comes in three attractive colours and you won’t resist yourself from grabbing one of these (especially the red one).

Why should I buy this phone?

Flip design makes sure you don’t press buttons unnecessarily
Extra-long battery life to keep you in constant touch
Strain less colour display


The Lunar combines elegant design with contemporary style for the fashion-conscious elderly citizen. It is also called as the all-rounder amongst the senior offerings. It is a feature packed phone and looks nothing less than the modern phones available in the market.

This bestselling phone has good battery life, excellent sound, good display, and comes with a camera.The Lunar is a uniquely designed clamshell flip phone that ensures design is not overtaken by features.

With the amount of features and a price less than $100, this is any day a pick even when you decide to gift yourself a phone just for calling and texting.

Why should I buy this phone?

Dual screen for instant notifications
Use camera pictures as background screen
Quad band to work with most networks


One of the best seller senior phone is the Jupiter 2. The phone has an amazing design and is very comfortable to hold even by a person with arthritis.

The phone comes with a talking button feature that makes life easy. The phone recognizes the button you press and the numbers are read loud which makes dialing very easy without any mistakes. The big and clear buttons adds convenience to dialing and texting. Your elderly relatives and friends won’t have to put on their glasses anymore to read text on the screen.

Isn’t it a great gift for your grandparents?

Why should I buy this phone?

Torch light come handy in darker environments
MP3 Support to keep you entertaining
Supports multiple languages

These elderly phones are the ideal phones an elderly person would look forward to simply because it fulfills all their needs and makes sure they are not ignorant about using mobile phones with the assumption that they are complicated and difficult to use or they are more prone to dialing incorrect numbers and losing credit.

These phones are very easy to setup and take a standard size sim card so you don’t need to run around finding a mobile shop to get started. We hope this article has helped you find a perfect phone for yourself or your friends and relatives.