The newly launched TT750 Lunar is something more than just a flip. The latest flagshipmodel in the TTfoneflip series is a class apart. With stunning design, advanced technology, progressive features that give immersive experiences a new meaning, the phoneis set to create waves in the real world. The software on the Lunar has been reworked in order to make it the best simple phone available in the market. After years of research and considering feedback from our customers over the past many years we have come up with this simplest phone that was built from scratch to ensure simplicity and ease of use right from the beginning. The Lunar comes in 3beautiful & attractive shinning colours: Red, Blue & Black.         

The Lunar TT750 is a comfortable, simple-to-use phone which lets you answer and end calls in a simple flip. Large, raised buttons have speed-dial functionality and let user’s type text messages.

The Lunar TT750 supports Bluetooth for hands-free talking, and comes with an integrated camera, so you can take and send photos in a snap. The phone's compact body allows for convenient storage in pockets or purses, or can be worn around your neck with the included lanyard. Overall the TTfone Lunar is an ideal mobile not just for the Elderly or Disabled but also is a great present when it comes to gifting children, parents and grandparents. The large keys and clear easy to read display make it the ideal phone for those with dexterity problems and the loud volume and loud ringtones make it a great phone for those with hearing issues. The TTfone TT750 also has Bluetooth connectivity, built in FM Radio and MP3 player and has a long battery life.