Becky Naylor

Becky Naylor A big thank you goes out to Becky Naylor who has written this blog post and created an even easier quick guide instructions for our TT800 Jupiter model.

"This week I have been helping my grandmother B swap her old mobile phone that she was struggling to use, to a phone specifically made for older people. It hasn’t got any fancy features on, it calls and texts that’s about it, but also has a panic button on and will even text me if the battery is getting low. It’s great that it has big and clear buttons, but getting a new phone meant teaching “an old dog new tricks” as it were, which is never easy. I spent Wednesday afternoon with her going through the basics and have then produced her an easy to follow user guide. I thought it would be good to share in case anyone else out there has had to do what I have done and it will save you writing your own instructions :)"