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Mobile Phones for The Elderly and Disabled

Keeping in regular touch with older relatives is a real comfort, especially if they don’t live around the corner. But it’s not always easy. Some mobile phone for the elderly can be expensive and fiddly to use — and often have features that loved ones don’t want or need.

Specially designed for the elderly, disabled, hard of hearing or those with low dexterity the TTfone range of big button mobile phone are what you need to communicate with your family and friends. A simple mobile that’s opposite of a smart phone the TTfone range of phones come with features like loud volume, easy menus, dock charger, clear large displays and an SOS emergency button for a one press way of getting help.

TTfone mobiles are affordable with prices starting at just £16.99.

The phone is simple and easy to us, I love it

The phone is simple and easy to use, I love it

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