• Difficulty Seeing?
    Our large button mobile phones make it easy
    TT23 Earth
  • A great gift for the elderly and disabled
    With todays fast paced lifestyle we are expected to get used to the latest technology. The guys at TTfone decided to take it in the opposite direction and bring technology back to the start, making things simple and easy to use. TTfone’s range of mobile phones have some common features like large buttons, clear large displays, some models offer a monochrome display which is much easier to see than the conventional LCD screens in modern phones.
  • Smartphone too complicated?
    TTfone models are easy and simple to set up and use
    TT800 Jupiter
  • Phone makes calls in your pocket?
    Flip phone avoids accidental pocket calls and has a camera
    TT700 Venus
  • Want great value?
    The new Mars phone is our best value senior phone
    TT400 Mars
  • Hard of Hearing?
    Our phones have loud volume
    TT31 Venus2
  • What is an SOS Emergency Button?
    The little button on the back of the phone can be a life saver, simply press and hold down the SOS button and the phone will sound a loud siren to alert others nearby that there is an emergency. The phone will then begin to send an emergency text message (eg "I need help please call me") to five stored numbers of family, friends doctors etc. After text messages are sent it will then start to call the numbers one by one till someone picks up.
  • Need more than one number?
    Our dual sim phone is simple and easy to use
    TT59 Dual2
  • Need a phone for Grandparents?
    The Mercury 2 phone is great for the older generation.
    TT59 Dual2
  • At TTfone we make mobile phones easy...
    Ever get frustrated at the many useless functions of your mobile phone? Need a phone to give to your elderly parents for emergencies? Need a mobile phone that is simple and easy to use? Well TTfone's range of easy to use mobile phones is the answer! As well as appearance, the menus are created in a simple way so that you are able to search without any problem. Special emphasis has been given to designing so as to provide a user friendly device.
  • A phone that is easy and simple to use?
    Our Pluto Flip phone is simple and easy & comes with a charging dock.
    TT59 Dual2
  • Fiddly charging sockets irritating?
    Docking chargers make it simple and easy to charge up your phone
    TT900 Saturn

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  • TV Choice Magazine feature our Saturn model

    October 2, 2014 Thursday

    TV Choice final draft

    The great people at TV Choice magazine ran a feature on our TT900 Saturn model on the website and in the magazine itself. 16 Lucky winners will get a free Saturn phone which is winging its way to you soon. Look out for the next promotion.

  • Linnworks case study

    September 19, 2014 Friday



    Linnworks - The order processing software company kindly provided a case study.

    Humble Beginnings

    Selling mobile phones from his retail shop in the late 90s, early 2000s, Ravi and his staff noticed they were getting bad feedback for the usability of them. When he noticed certain trends, both in the complaints and the people complaining, he realised this offered a business opportunity if he was willing to take a risk. In 2003/2004 Ravi’s company launched their first ‘Big Button Phone’, the Mercury – Designed to be simple and usable for people with simple needs from a mobile phone, he got good responses, and grew from that one model to the current range of 9 models (Including the Mercury 2). Currently TTfone sell 50-60,000 units per year.

    Ravi sells directly to customers, preserving that relationship that he values to continually offer the best products with feedback to his team directly. Design and software are done by his own team here in the UK, and he sells from his retail shop and via Amazon and his own website. Originally Ravi was using a different order management package, but found it was unable to grow with the needs of his company. In addition, he needed a robust inventory solution as his sales grew, so that the company was not dependent on one person to keep track of their stock. 

    Working with one of our partners, eBusiness Guru, Ravi was introduced to Linnworks in 2013, and hasn’t looked back. At first the time to retrain and transfer from one system to another seemed daunting, but with support from the Linnworks team and eBusiness Guru’s trained specialists, he transferred his business without any issues, and has found that the benefits more than exceeded any worries he may originally had about moving from his existing software. 

    “Changing the software your business relies on seems like a big step, but with Linnworks the benefits we’ve gained and the time and money saved are such that I can’t imagine how we ever did without it!” In fact, the only things he wants to see in Linnworks is something we’re already working on for our sellers – Improved reporting and accounting compatibility. 

    See our product range

  • Success Story: from Teletape to TTfone - The Telegraph

    September 16, 2014 Tuesday


    Amazon interviews the founder and owner of TTfone, Mr Ravi Daryanani. In the video Ravi talks about how Amazon has helped to increase sales and productivity over the many years of successful partnership.

    When Ravi Daryanani joined his father's retail business in 1999, neither of them imagined that what began as a video library in Kings Cross, London, would one day make mobile phones and sell them worldwide.

    "We started focusing on mobile phones soon after I joined my father," Ravi explains. "I was quite young and I found it an interesting product – mobile phones were the latest gadget and here to stay."

    At first they sold all their phones from Teletape, their shop on Caledonian Road. "In 2006, we had a thousand units of a particular phone model that was proving tricky to sell. We put them on Amazon and the stock sold out in just a couple of weeks, opening my eyes to the possibilities of online selling," says Ravi.

    Over time, the father and son duo identified a niche in the growing and fast-evolving mobile phone sector. They decided to create their own mobile phone range for the elderly or the disabled, with features such as big buttons, clear displays, extra-loud volume and docking stations for easy charging. The TTfone range was born.

    Ravi and his team, now composed of five people, soon decided to use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), a service that allows them to store some of their stock in Amazon warehouses. When the product is sold, Amazon takes care of the picking, packing and shipping, as well as providing customer service. Ravi's easy-to-use phones are now also making waves in new territories, selling on all of the European Amazon marketplaces.

    "As we expanded internationally, it was becoming increasingly difficult for our small team to cope with the volume of orders. FBA gave me the chance to expand my business, as well as some breathing space. Before, I used to work till eight or nine o'clock at night, and my kids were fast asleep by the time I got home. Nowadays I get to leave on time and see them before they go to bed, which is priceless."

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