• Difficulty Seeing?
    Our large button mobile phones make it easy
    TT23 Earth
  • A great gift for the elderly and disabled
    With todays fast paced lifestyle we are expected to get used to the latest technology. The guys at TTfone decided to take it in the opposite direction and bring technology back to the start, making things simple and easy to use. TTfone’s range of mobile phones have some common features like large buttons, clear large displays, some models offer a monochrome display which is much easier to see than the conventional LCD screens in modern phones.
  • Smartphone too complicated?
    TTfone models are easy and simple to set up and use
    TT800 Jupiter
  • Phone makes calls in your pocket?
    Flip phone avoids accidental pocket calls and has a camera
    TT700 Venus
  • Want great value?
    The new Mars phone is our best value senior phone
    TT400 Mars
  • Hard of Hearing?
    Our phones have loud volume
    TT31 Venus2
  • What is an SOS Emergency Button?
    The little button on the back of the phone can be a life saver, simply press and hold down the SOS button and the phone will sound a loud siren to alert others nearby that there is an emergency. The phone will then begin to send an emergency text message (eg "I need help please call me") to five stored numbers of family, friends doctors etc. After text messages are sent it will then start to call the numbers one by one till someone picks up.
  • Need more than one number?
    Our dual sim phone is simple and easy to use
    TT59 Dual2
  • Need a phone for Grandparents?
    The Mercury 2 phone is great for the older generation.
    TT59 Dual2
  • At TTfone we make mobile phones easy...
    Ever get frustrated at the many useless functions of your mobile phone? Need a phone to give to your elderly parents for emergencies? Need a mobile phone that is simple and easy to use? Well TTfone's range of easy to use mobile phones is the answer! As well as appearance, the menus are created in a simple way so that you are able to search without any problem. Special emphasis has been given to designing so as to provide a user friendly device.
  • A phone that is easy and simple to use?
    Our Pluto Flip phone is simple and easy & comes with a charging dock.
    TT59 Dual2
  • Fiddly charging sockets irritating?
    Docking chargers make it simple and easy to charge up your phone
    TT900 Saturn

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  • Sponsored Products Success Stories - TTfone@Amazon

    November 15, 2014 Saturday

    TTfone Increases Sales with Amazon Sponsored Products.
    "I’ve noticed that for every £1 we’re spending on Sponsored Products, we’re generating around £57 of sales. In one of our newest campaigns that’s gone up to £76.", Ravi, Director of TTfone

  • Newspaper Article In The Mail On Sunday

    November 6, 2014 Thursday



    The mobile phone industry is one that seems to be very much aimed at making the younger consumer happy. With each new generation of the latest smartphones released, the features become more complicated. What about those folks that simply want an easy to use mobile phone that contains just the features they need? We are talking mostly about elderly people who want a way to stay in touch with their family. The latest phones are not the perfect option for them, but the mobile options delivered by TTfone absolutely are.

    One of the best examples of what TTfone has to offer can been found in their Jupiter TT800 model. This is a mobile phone that is most definitely perfect for elderly people, as it has a number of features that not only make the phone easy to use, but also adds a level of security too. The Jupiter TT800 comes in basic black and has an easy to read orange backlit display. The buttons on the front are large, clear, and also easy to read. You won’t find Swype keyboards and buttons for emoticons here, just the basic numbers and power on and off buttons. It comes with a standing dock charger which means it can be used more like a traditional house phone.

    Safety is something that is of prime importance for older people. The Jupiter TT800 comes with a feature that will give real peace of mind to the user, as well as family members who are concerned about their well-being. This is a dedicated SOS number that can be used in the case of an emergency. Any number can be programmed in and it just takes one press of the panic button to make that all important call.

    The Jupiter TT800 is just one of the great mobile options in the TTfone line-up. There are brightly colored options, such as the Saturn, as well as flip phone options like the Venus and Pluto.  All of the phones are durable and built to last. If you are looking for a mobile phone that works great and doesn't confuse with a host of bells and whistles, take a look at what TTfone have to offer.

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  • TV Choice Magazine feature our Saturn model

    October 2, 2014 Thursday

    TV Choice final draft

    The great people at TV Choice magazine ran a feature on our TT900 Saturn model on the website and in the magazine itself. 16 Lucky winners will get a free Saturn phone which is winging its way to you soon. Look out for the next promotion.

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